Hans-Peter Zimmermann, a management trainer, expert on small business, and doctor of clinical hypnotherapy, is well-known in his native country of Switzerland and the surrounding German-speaking countries for his "slightly different" approach to matters of business and life in general.

This article appeared in the Newsletter of the Association for Past-Life Research and Therapies, Winter 1998


Can we create abundance through regression therapy?

By Hans-Peter Zimmermann D.C.H.


If you belong to the rare species of people who believe in free will and take charge of their own lives, you will have asked yourself at one point in your life, "Do I want to be poor and unhappy, poor and happy, wealthy and unhappy, or wealthy and happy?" Don't laugh! For if you had decided to be wealthy and happy, you would be. After all, your life is nothing else but the result of your past decisions, isn't it? Unless you let somebody else run your life. But that, too, is a decision.


Abundance is a natural state

When I look at a plant, I come to the conclusion that abundance is a natural state. Look at an apple tree, for instance. It creates so many apples you could never eat them all on your own. In return, the apple tree must have everything it needs: An abundance of light, an abundance of minerals, an abundance of water, and an abundance of air. And, many say, an abundance of self-love. The apple tree is smart in many ways: It knows that there is enough of everything for each and every apple tree on earth. And it knows it can fulfill its purpose only when it has everything it needs. I can't imagine an apple tree saying "I guess I won't produce too many apples; otherwise what will people think of me!"


Money is not important

I agree. Money is definitely not the most important thing on earth... as long as you have enough of it. If you don't, money will be the major subject of all your concerns and arguments. Just go and listen to the discussions in families who struggle constantly to make ends meet. What I suggest to you today is that you become wealthy as quickly as possible, in order for you to advance to more important subjects.


Do you value yourself enough?

May I ask you a question? If your job requested that you fly to Switzerland four times a year, would you rather sit in first class? And would you pay 7000 Dollars for a round trip? If your answer is no, I ask you, why not? Don't you value yourself enough to choose the best options for yourself? If your answer was "I can't afford it," I have some other questions for you:
How much is your monthly rent?
How much do you pay for your car lease and gas every month?
How much for utilities and food?
Many of you have monthly expenses that cannot be described as "humble." Yet, you all manage to pay for those expenses you believe you must pay for. Now, what do you think will happen if you make flying first class an absolute must? I have made that decision in the past, and I can tell you from experience: Growing spiritually in first class is much more fun than doing the same thing in coach. I don't say you can't grow in economy class, but, as you know, space is limited back there.


Do you value others enough?

Airlines are a great example of placing value or rather not placing value on the work of others. People want to fly to Europe for ridiculous amounts of money. They brag about the great deals they were able to get, using their negotiation skills and frequent flyer miles for free upgrades. But they want the service and safety of a full-fare passenger, and they sue the airlines if their relatives die in a plane crash that was caused by underpaid, unqualified people.

I would like to introduce you to the concept that there is no such thing as value, per se. If you buy a plane ticket for 1000 Dollars and think that "they are crazy to charge that much; this ticket is worth 500 Dollars max." you have just made yourself 500 Dollars poorer. If, on the other hand, you think that your ticket is worth twice as much, you have just gained 1000 Dollars!
I know this takes some mental stretching from somebody who grew up in a culture where "getting a better deal" may soon be an olympic discipline. But think about it! Just see how you can make yourself richer by the minute, just by valuing things more. Value your body, your spouse, your children. Value your neighbor's car (for, if you do, it is also a little bit yours!) Value this newsletter, for it can be worth much more than what you paid for it. It's completely up to you.


The not-so-secret formula for creating abundance

In my book "Money is Beautiful" (sorry, only available in German), I created the following formula:

M = E = Q x P x S x N

First let me tell you the meaning of each letter, then I will explain:

M = the amount of money flowing through your life

E = the effect you have on people

Q = the quality of your work

P = your personal energy level

S = your level of self-confidence and self-love

N = the number of people you serve simultaneously

Now the explanation: The amount of money that flows through your life is not determined by your effort. For if it were, everybody who works 16 hours a day, would be very wealthy. They are not, as you may know. So, it probably makes more sense to say it is the effect you have on people that creates affluence. I don't know about your banker, but mine really doesn't care if I produce my income in the Carribean or in my office. Neither does he care if I have fun or if I consider my life a permanent struggle.

If you agree that it is the effect that creates your income, you will want to know how you can increase that effect. Here's how:

  • You can improve the quality of your work. Don't do just a good enough job, do an excellent job (just like the apple tree!)
  • You can increase your personal energy level. Have you ever noticed that there are people with good energy and people with not so good or low energy? Around which people would you rather like to be? Personally, I know a few people who could give a seminar on the history of toilet paper, and I would be there, just to be in their energy. Well, here's the secret: Become one of those people! As a past-life expert, nothing is easier than that.
  • Many people deliver top-quality work and have great energy, but they don't have the self-confidence to charge accordingly. Actually, they lack two things: They lack confidence in an abundant and benevolent universe, and they lack confidence in themselves. They believe that if they say no to a person who is trying to push their price down, they will not be loved anymore. They are afraid they will eventually find themselves in the gutter. Let me tell you that the opposite is true: People love you more if you can say no. Plus, you work less, thus... I guess you get the picture.
    My advice is: Position yourself exclusively (away from the tar pit of mediocrity), and communicate your exclusivity. Every person you say no to, because they don't belong in your life, will make room for somebody you can say yes to. This means you will finally control your own life. And it's a great feeling, believe me!
  • The last thing you can do (and please make sure everything else has been taken care of first!), is to create some sort of a mass effect. If you charge 200 Dollars an hour for your services, in many cases you can gather 10 people who pay 200 Dollars each, which gives you a nice salary of 2000 Dollars an hour to start with. If you laughed at the last statement, watch your belief system! Remember you are being paid for the effect you have on people, not on your effort.
    One way of creating a mass effect is by writing a book. You can be surfing in Hawaii while people buy your books. It's a one-time effort that creates a lasting effect. By the way, if you believe you can't write, again watch your belief system. From my writing workshops, I know everybody can. More than half a million titles are published each year in the United States alone. Someone has to write that stuff, don't you think so? And if there is nothing you have to tell people, what have you been doing so far anyway?


How to create an abundance of energy

Most of us, at some point in our lives, have made a limiting decision about affluence. A client of mine recalled an argument between his parents. He was three years old and repeatedly heard his father talk about "those rich and filthy pigs." How's that for a great mental program? Another client recalled a similar argument from the prenatal period. Another client's limiting decision was made three lifetimes back as a poor farmer in an under-privileged area.

In many cases, a second limiting decision contributes to lack of abundance: The decision that one has to work like a horse and never rest, because that would mean you steal time from God. That, of course, is not true. I believe you steal time from God, if you don't rest. In most cases, a restless father or mother have contributed their part.
But make no mistake! There usually is an event further back. Ask your unconscious mind, if that event took place before, during or after your birth. Take the first thought that pops up. If it says after, ask for the age. If it says before, ask "in the womb or before?" If before, aks "inherited or in a past life." If you get "inherited," just go back the number of generations your unconscious mind signals you. As soon as you have the exact information about where to find the very event that led to the limiting decision, count to three and see what appears in front of your mental eye. Explore that event just as you would with a client. As soon as all the emotions are gone, you can imagine that, at the count of three, your limiting decision is gone, too. Formulate the new decision, and put it into your own personal history.

If you do it correctly, the universe will surprise you with some nice "coincidences" within the next few days and weeks.


Now it's your turn!

As soon as you have thrown out your blockages, you can start to systematically improve the effect you have on people, following my formula. If you believe this is too much work, imagine the amount of work that awaits you if you don't do it!


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